Long hair? Tie them up because it’s time for some messy eating! Forget the table etiquette when you’re indulging in these Italian pastas and saucy concoctions.

Image of mushroom Stroganoff from Clay restaurant's pastas menu

Mushroom Stroganoff
A savory sherry cream sauce, fresh mushroom and parmesan served over penne pasta topped with beef fillet.

18,500 LBP

Image of Italian spaghetti bolognese from Clay restaurant's pastas menu

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti topped with rich meat sauce and parmesan sprinkles.

13,000 LBP

Image of Italian four cheese penne pasta from Clay restaurant's pastas menu

Penne Quatre Fromage
A four cheese combination mixed in white cream sauce, served over penne pasta, and topped with parmesan sprinkles.

16,000 LBP

Image of chicken tagliatelle Italian pasta from Clay restaurant's menu

Chicken Tagliatelle
Grilled chicken breast tossed in our signature Alfredo sauce, served over tagliatelle pasta and topped with parmesan sprinkles.

17,500 LBP

Image of penne chicken pesto from Clay restaurant's menu

Penne Chicken Pesto
A mix of creamy pesto sauce served with pasta and topped with grilled chicken and parmesan sprinkles.

18,250 LBP

Image of Italian seafood tagliatelle from Clay restaurant's pastas menu

Seafood Tagliatelle
Pasta tossed with a mix of seafood, cooked in our signature rosé sauce and topped with a parmesan sprinkle.

24,250 LBP

Image of Italian tagliatelle pasta with carbonara, fresh mushrooms, and parsley from Clay's pastas menu

A La Carbonara
Tagliatelle tossed in a creamy sauce with grilled bacon and shredded turkey, then topped with parmesan sprinkles.

19,250 LBP