Get to know more about our restaurant and playground through these helpful questions! Have more in mind? Contact us today!


Is Clay family-friendly and safe for toddlers?

 Clay’s number one purpose and goal is to provide enjoyment and comfort for both parents and children at the same time. Our team strives to ensure safety and cleanliness in all areas of the restaurant and playground. 

What coupons and offers does Clay have for customers?

Clay is affiliated with several third-party coupon companies such as Beirut Circle, Coupway, and PriviLeb to provide hot deals to customers looking for a great bargain.

Does Clay offer take away and delivery services?

Yes, Clay delivers and offers take out as well for all its menu items.

How long will my delivery order take?

Our delivery orders generally take around 35 minutes. If your order includes sushi items, expect the arrival time to be around 50 minutes from your order placement. We make everything fresh on-the-spot!

What are Clay’s opening hours?

Clay opens from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM every day of the week.

Do you have a smoking and non-smoking section?

Yes, both sections are available. The non-smoking section is larger and closest to the playground area to ensure safety for parents visiting with kids.

Do you have high chairs for kids?

Definitely. You may request one upon arrival.

Where can I see reviews for Clay?

Visit our Google review page by Google searching: Clay Restaurant & Playground. A side box will appear on the right-hand side.

Does Clay hold any food safety and hygiene certifications?

Clay holds the Q-Platinum certification from Boecker, an institution that performs regular unannounced and announced audits on our facilities and staff to ensure that all regulations are procedures are being implemented correctly.

Are you open on holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Ramadan, and Labor Day?

Yes, we open on all holidays. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we are open half day.

Does Clay air sports games such as Champions League and the World Cup?

Yes! Bring your friends for a fun and exciting time at our restaurant during all sports games: Lebanese basketball, Euro Cup, World Cup, Champions League, and more. We offer open wings, open nachos, and open beer on game nights.

Is reservation a must?

Reservation is not a must but is recommended, especially if you are planning to visit on a weekend during the winter season or during special events.


What types of food does Clay Restaurant & Playground offer?

Clay has an international menu which offers several styles of food from salads, burgers, pasta, and pizza to traditional and fusion Lebanese mezza, grilled platters, sushi and dessert.

What is the list of authentic Lebanese food that Clay offers?

Clay offers a selection of cold mezza including tabbouli, fattoush, labneh, hommos, and baba ghanouj, a selection of hot mezza including cheese rolls, kebbe, eggs and awarma, baked Halloum cheese, sujuk, makanek, and chicken pesto. The menu also includes Mediterranean grills such as tawouk, kafta, and kabab skewers. Check them out here!

Does Clay have a salad bar?

Yes, Clay has a salad bar that offers different ingredients from the basics such as lettuce, endive, and rocket leaves to unique ingredients such as watermelon, kiwi, smoked salmon, shrimps, and sautéed mushrooms.

Does Clay have lent-friendly menu items for fasting periods?

Yes, several of the items on Clay’s menu are lent friendly, such as the Triple Cheese Melt Ciabatta, the Tuna Ciabatta, all salads, and the Grilled Fish platter.

Does Clay have a breakfast and brunch menu?

We offer breakfast and brunch buffets for private events. If you would like to check out our selections and plan your event, please visit our brunch page.

Do you offer healthy kids meal options? What are they?

Indeed! Aside from our regular child pleasers such as the chicken strips and pizza kid’s meals, we offer healthy kids meal options, such as: pasta, rice with grilled chicken breast, and tawouk skewers. These are available upon special request.

Do you offer alcoholic beverages and cocktails?

Yes, our menu includes alcoholic beverages and our staff is excited to mix some refreshing cocktails that satisfy your taste buds.

What are your best-selling burgers?

Clay’s star burgers are the Chicken Breast Burger, the Southern Border Burger, and the BBQ Clay Chicken Burger.

Which items do customers love most?

Our customers find these items the most unique and enjoyable: Bushrooms, Ras Asfour Bel Karaz, Cherry Halloum Bruschettas, Clay Combo, Chicken Funghi Platter, Chicken Breast Burger, Philly Dream Steak, Grilled Chicken Wrap, and Chocodise desserts! See the full menu here.

What healthy menu items do you offer?

Apart from Clay’s varied list of salads and salad bar, these items offer great nutritional value for kids and parents: Mushroom Stroganoff, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Meat Brochettes, and Santa Fe Chicken Pizza. See the full menu here.


Can I see my toddlers playing while I dine at the restaurant?

The toddler-baby play area is on the same floor as the restaurant. If you would like to have visibility of your children as they play there and you dine, it is best to request a table near the playground entrance in advance (upon reservation). The children’s play area is on the top floor so that you can enjoy a peaceful meal while our staff takes care of your kids!

Will I need to stay with my children as they play in the playground?

You do not need to stay with your children in order to supervise them. Our staff is present to play with them and allow you to enjoy your stay at the restaurant.

What entertainment and activities does Clay offer for kids?

Clay’s entertainment team is well equipped with games and activities to make your child’s stay fun each time they come. This includes play-doh molding, coloring and drawing, dancing, hula hoop tricks, basketball, soccer, and much more.

Is there a special weekend program for the kids in the playground?

Yes. Each weekend, our entertainment crew has a totally new theme with original games and crafts for your children to enjoy. This ensures that their experience is unique each time they visit!

What games do you have in Clay Let’s Play?

Our playground is 400 square meters large and includes a mega play unit, Wii and PlayStation, crafts section, climbing wall, toddlers area, slides, bridges, ramps, ball pen, basketball section, and soccer penalty goal.

Is your playground indoor or outdoor?

Our playground is indoor, well ventilated, and super safe for your child’s enjoyment.

Do you have a separate toddler and baby play area?

Yes, our infant play area is separated from the children’s playground in order to ensure safety and stress-free play time for your child.

Do you plan birthdays for kids turning 1 year old?

We host birthday parties for all kids from one year old to thirteen years old.
Birthday packages are available and can be viewed here

What kids party packages do you offer?

Four birthday party packages are available: the Silver package, the Gold package, the Clay Special package, and the Dessert package. Discover the details of each here


Do you have restaurant job openings? How can I apply for a job?

We generally have openings for waiters and waitresses, runners, and playroom staff year-round. Please check our career page for more information on our openings and to fill out an application form.